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Ester began her training at the Shira Ganor Ballet school at the age of 13. with no primer expirience, she has made a remarkable progress in the first years of her training. at age 14, Ester got accepted to Thelma Yellin school of arts, but has graduated from Ironi Alef dance Megama. 

Ester is a sensative, strong dancer with interesting and powerful presence. 

In this year of auditions, Ester got accepted to the Conservatorion of dance in Paris and to Sead academy in Zaltburg.

Ester will graduate in July 2024.

Ester Viender

Dancing a solo by Bosmat
Recital Video
Video Rehearsal

Ester has picked Busman Balssan solo variation. Boshmmat has worked with her as well as Gon Biran, Shira Ganor and Ohad Caspi.



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