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ABT Examinations

American Ballet Thater National Training Curriculum examinations are held every year at Shira Ganor Ballet School.

Each year examiners from ABT are invited to Tel-Aviv to examine our dancers.

The examinations are held at our studios, every level shows a full class with their piers to sum the level curriculum. 

Each student gets a review on his/her work, getting marks and corrections, stating their strengths and what needs attention.

The process of working towards the exam pushes the young dancers to their limit abilities, pushing them forwards and their best presentations.

The students are so excited, it teaches them how to manage excitement, connecting their technique knowledge together with their artistic abilities and performance talent. It also brings them closer with their class piers. 

The staff gets reviewed as well, making them better at their teaching skills, lightening level weaknesses and achievements. 

After the exams are held, the examiner gives the students a master class. This is an exiting experience.

ABT Exams 2024
ABT Exams 2023
ABT Exams 2022
ABT Exams 2021

This year hosting Mr.Ilan Kav. 

Ilan is an ABT certified teacher and was kind enough to come and exam the students at such a difficult time, where Israel is at war. 

It was a breath of fresh air in these dark times.

ABT Exams 2024


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