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Noga Feld

Noga Feld has started her training in the Sgb school at age 6. 

An extrordinary dancer with stars quality, Noga has demonstrated throughout the years hard work along with amazing musicality and mature graps of artistry. 

Through her training got to dance numerous variations both on Pointe and Contemporary, Solos and Duets. Every time dazzeling the audience with her passion.

In 2020, competting at the YGP Israel competition, with a Duet choreographed by Shira Ganor, inspired by Jiri Kylian. Dancing to Mozart with Nerya Zahavi, this couple son the audiences hearts whever went on stage.

Noga had also got accenpted in 2022 to the NDT summer program.

In 2023, won 1st prize at the Jannet Aurdeman competition with the Kitri variation from Don Q, showing her wonderful clean technique and amzing energy. That year also performed with Richard Warlak 'Swan Lake' contemporary solo, showing how comfortable Noga can be on stage. 

Noga has won the highest scholarship givven by Keren Sharet 6 years in a row. 

Has gotten a call back to audition for Julliard University and got to be chosen to show her solo by Nadav Zelner, made for NDT, and inveited for an interview. 

In 2024, her senoir year, she will perform with the Faust variation.

We cant wait for her to duzzle us on stage.


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