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Yael Peretz

Yael has started her training at the Shira Ganor School at the age of 8. 

She has shown great promise and much talent. 

Yael's passion, musicality and artistic sense are all shown in her strong technique and amazing physic.

Yael got her first variation on points at age 12. warming our hearts with Le Fille Mal Garde winning 1st prize at the SWC competition in the year 2019. 

In 2022, Yael had done the Gamzatti variation as well as a Duet from Inbal Pinto's wonderful Wrapped work, with Alma Bar-Am. 

In the recital of 2023, Yael was givven a contemporary solo choreographed by Shira Ganor to the wonderful Bella Ciao song. She was marvelous.

In 2024, Yael competed with Traces at the VDC competition in Tel-Aviv, presenting her great technique and beautiful artistic interpetation. 

Yael will be joining the Julliard summer program this summer.


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