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Yarden Arieli

Yarden has started his training at the SGB School at the age of 9. 

Yarden has shown great tallent and amazing physic, as well as musicality and great inthusiasim. His intelligence and drive to accomplish his big dream of dance, has made him a hard working student.

Att age of 14, Yarden got accepted to Princess Grace ballet school in Monaco, making him the first Israeli male student to ever get accepted to that prestigous school. 

With our DreamTeam Yarden has won 2nd and 1st place prize in various competitions. 

Performing a duet made by Noga Kristovsky Yarden won 1st prize in the YGP competition. In the year 2022, performed with the male variation from swan lake ballet. In the year 2023 recital, Yarden had done Ballet Variation made by the DWC competition in france, and won 1st place, and a contemporary piece by Shira Ganor to the wonderful Bach etude, placing him also, 1st place, and showing the wonderful dancer that he is. 


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