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Zohar Cohn

Zohar Cohn started dancing at the age of 4 at the Sgb school. Her beautiful Physic and abilities has shown great promise. Through the years got to do various variations.

In the year 2021 performed with the Lilac Fiary variation winning 2nd place at the YGP Isarel competetion.

In 2022, with her paqiuta varaiotn showing her great artistry and technique. 

On her first ABT Ballet examination in 2020, Zohar was spoted by the examiner and was invited to the ABT summer in tensive in New York. at the end of the course, she auditioned for the JKO school of ballet, connected to the American Ballet Theater Company, and got accepted, making her the first Isareli female dancer ever getting accepted to that school.  In the second semester Zohar was placed in the highest level Upper 3. since then, was given a scolarship for the summer course in NY city and a semi scholarshop for the next semester in the school. Brava Zohar.

Zohar comes to visit every summer giving us the pleasure of working with her again and performing at our end of the year recital.

In Sofash 2023, she has performed with Paqiuta act 3 variation, demonstrating her cababilities and making our hearts burst with joy. 


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