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Pre-Professional summer Intensive

9.7 - 28.7.2023 

at the "Thelma Yelin" school of Arts Studios

Our summer course is known for being an empowering experience, promoting and opening avenues for young dancers. we offer two groups for advanced dancers, for ages 14-15, and ages 16-18. The students are divided according to level   and age. The emphasis in the course on technique lessons at the highest level, classical lessons, pointe, modern technique (inspired by Graham, Horton, Release, floor work) improvisation classes, and Israeli and international contemporary repertoire.

The top team of teachers from Israel and Europe come to sharethier  knowledge and give the dancers a meaningful learning experience. Our goal is to strengthen, refine and advance the students in their technique, but also define their artistic style and abilities while pointing out their  personal voice  as young artists. 

Summer Intensive Top Teachers
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