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Elementary summer workshop


In the studio at 80 Elozorov

Our summer courses are known for being an empowering experience, promoting and opening avenues for young dancers.

The two-week workshop, for elementary ages (9-11 - grades 4-6) provides an opportunity for serious students to flourish and make significant progress in a professional atmosphere, within a curriculum aimed at enriching the young dancers both in technique classes, strengthening and precise correct use of muscles, posture and style, and presenting The young dancers to different styles in modern dance and improvisation.

The course program also includes enrichment in theater classes and musicals theater.

We place emphasis on seeing each and every student according to their personal character and enhancing the experience and enjoyment within a serious learning process. 

our top teachers are obligated to an enjoyable and significant learning experience. 

Previous experience in classical ballet is required.

*Point preparation classes and point classes for the appropriate ones.

The team of teachers in the 2023 young summer course
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