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 Level 4

SGB Curriculum​

Ballet Technique

Ages:  11 and Older

The curriculum follows the American Ballet Theater syllabus recommendations.

The team of teachers emphasizes the quality of the young dancers learning: technique, strength, flexibility, attention to detail and preparation for further studies at the pre-professional division.

*Dancers in stage 4 receive a 60-minute pointe class, according to the teacher's advise.

Admission by audition only

Class Schedule 2022-2023

Tuesdays 15:15-16:45

Wednesdays 19:45-21:15

Thursdays 17:30-19:00

*Pointe: Thursdays 19:15-20:15


צילום: נעמי שוסטברגר

Character Dance

Ages:  11 and Older

Character classes combine a technique based on the classical ballet technique, but is inspired by folk dances that have been adapted for the stage. In all classical ballets there are character dances such as Russian dance, Gypsy dance, etc.

The  Curriculum follows Vassiliev's syllabus.

Class Schedule 2022-2023

Tuesdays 17:00-18:30


צילום: אפרת מזור

Modern and Improvisation

Ages:  11 and Older

Modern class introduces the use of a new language technique from the world of modern dance. Emphasis on strength and flexibility, movement qualities and use of space. In the part of the class, in addition to technical work, the students meet improvisation and composition challenges. 

Class Schedule 2022-2023

Wednesdays 17:00-18:15

_DSC7270 Photo by Efrat Mazor.jpg

Ballet Technique

Modern Technique

Ages:  11 and Older

A modern technique class is based on Graham technique.

Graham technique focuses on floor work, works with gravity and draws inspiration from powerful and spirited tribal influences. Graham herself, the mother of modern dance, created a working method that focuses on back work and provided physical work tools on which all modern dance is based. Graham technique puts great emphasis to the pelvis and the center of the body as a driving force for movement together with breathing, and spine work through the Spiral.

*Three years of classical ballet training is needed to join this class. 

**This class is for ages 12 and up.

Class Schedule 2022-2023

Mondays 15:30-17:00

_DSC7752 Photo by Efrat Mazor.jpg

Ballet and Variations

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