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Sofash24 - Childrens division

Sofash24 - Childrens division

Sunday, June 16, 2024

The children are always so cute, it is a fact. but, this year, the chilren's division has done so well, we all neede a reminder that these are not professional dancers. Kids ages 5 to 13 kept their spacing, their technique was brilliant and most important, they projected talent, musicality and stage presence. It was probably the most exciting show this year. Bravo for the great staff who has done such wonderful work.

Summer programs

SGB summer of 2024 programs, offering courses for students ages 9-18.


SGB 2024 end of the year recitals, presenting the upper school with teachers and repertoire.

SOF-Show 2024

Our graduates of 2024 Gala show presenting top Israeli choreographers as well as international repertoire.


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