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Audition Program

Class schedule

Wednesdays 7pm -9pm

Arlozorov studio.

Artistic Director, Ballet and Modern Technique teacher. Rehearsal director for Audition Project and DreamTeam.
Shira Ganor

About the class

Summer programs

SGB summer of 2024 programs, offering courses for students ages 9-18.


SGB 2024 end of the year recitals, presenting the upper school with teachers and repertoire.

SOF-Show 2024

Our graduates of 2024 Gala show presenting top Israeli choreographers as well as international repertoire.


Meet the teacher

The audition project is a class designed by Shira Ganor to help senior students in their auditions period. Through the years we have noticed that having to prepare and co-ordinate oneself to this period, could be quite overwhelming, and one needs clarity, focus and a plan .The Shira Ganor Audition Project is built in order to give stracture and help set an artistic plan, as well as advise for future plans.  


  • Choosing the right solo for IDF audition as well as filmed auditions sent abraod. 

  • Mastering improvisation techniques that are needed in every audition. 

  • Meeting various cheographers and repertoire matirials, and how to bring your super shine in every audition.

  • Practecing interviews, learning how to make an imp

  • act.

  • Meeting an NLP trainer whom adresses the personal mental aspects with an amphasis on ones' confidence.

All those are adressed at the Shira Ganor Audition Program, with great staff of teachers, cheographers and dancers such as - Adi Salant, Ohad Caspi, Tali Peretz Laor, Gon Biran and more. 

Our graduates of 2024, all got the IDF exceelelnt dancer status, got into wonderful programs in Israel and International, and got in to young companies. 

Learn more about our Audition Project dancers HERE.

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