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Improvisation Upper 3

Class schedule

Tuesdays 18:30-20:00

Thelma Yellin

Improvisation and Repertoire in the pre-proffessional division.
Ori Kroll

About the class

Summer programs

SGB summer of 2024 programs, offering courses for students ages 9-18.


SGB 2024 end of the year recitals, presenting the upper school with teachers and repertoire.

SOF-Show 2024

Our graduates of 2024 Gala show presenting top Israeli choreographers as well as international repertoire.


Meet the teacher

Improvisation is very importatnt tool in the contemporary dance world. 

Dancers are c-creators in almost every creative process and Impro is a great tool to master. There are a lot of improvisation techniques such as Gaga by Ohad Neharin, Kinetics and so many more. The choises and variety of possibilities in Impro are endless and theres always room to deepen the work and invistigate. 

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