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Level 2

Ages 9-11

Level 2 is a great stage, where the young dancers are already furmiliar with the basics of the Balet technique and get to explore new styles as well. the difference from level 1 to level 2 is great and the challenges, age apropriate are sinced. this is the year were they progress also in character and adding the musical theater class whoch bring them together with co-ordination, dance routins and combinations. in this class they would have to connect their technical skills to thier artistry which is a very fun task.

Musical Theater

Led by Noga Kristovsky, this class is pure fun. Musicality and free movement inspirated by the musical theater stories such as Matilda, Billie Elliot and more. Connecting the ballet technique knowledge to Jazz and free movement. 

Character 2

Character dance is a theatrical presentation of national and folk dance. It is a part of every famous ballet. This class Works on co-ordination, musicality and personal expression. Danced with little heels shoes and a skirt, brings joy fun and personality. Led by Noga Kristovsky, who teaches the Vasiliev curriculum.

Ballet Technique Level 2

Level 2 students are offered much more complesed exercises, both at the barre and in the center. Co-ordination of head and arms is much complexed as well as jumping and turnning. The demand in quality and performance is higher and exercises for pre-pointe work are introduced at this level.

Classes Located in the Arlozorov Studio.

80 Arlozorov street



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