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Level 3

Ages 10 and up

Last year in the Children's division, this is an exciting year where they young dancers bloom and grow. prepartion for the pre-professional division both in technique challenges and learning attiqute as becomng a professional. they dance 3 times a week, 5 classes including pointe class, and they also get contemporary class for the first time.. Level 3 dancers are also recommended for the SGB DreamTeam and are perticipating in competitions etc.


Our DreamTeam is chosen every year bu the staff. First, students are chosen to work on classecal variatons on Pointe and then, Modern repertoire for Upper 2 and 3. Students chosen to the DreamTeam get to work one on one with the DreamTeam coachers and they also get to compete in the competitions chosen every year. 

On top of that, they preform with their solos at the end of the year recitals. 

Pointe Elementary

Pointe classes start at the age of 11. 

The Elementary Level is appropriate for Level 3 and up.

Girls have to be recommended by the teacher to participate in pointe classes.

Modern Level 3

Modern class at this stage presents the students with floor work, back work awarness and new quality movement. Topics like gravity, breathing and improvisation are adressed in alevel apropriate manner. Tali incoperates creative excersises that stimulates imagination and personal expresion. 

Character 3

Character dance is a theatrical presentation of national and folk dance. It is a part of every famous ballet. This class Works on co-ordination, musicality and personal expression. Danced with little heels shoes and a skirt, brings joy fun and personality. Led by Noga Kristovsky, who teaches the Vasiliev curriculum.

Ballet Technique Level 3

 ABT National Curriculum Training  Level 3 is the the higherst level of the elementary stage in the children's division. This a challenging level technique. 

Acceptance by audition only.

Classes Located in the Arlozorov Studio.

80 Arlozorov street



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