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יום ראשון, 2 ביוני 2024

End of the year shows
Excited to invited to our pre-professional shows in June 16th 2024. Click on the PICTURE for tickets purchase.

יום ראשון, 2 ביוני 2024

Children division Show
It is the end of the year and a Show is coming! so excited to present the lovely work of talented kids. June 16th at 17:30. Click on the photo for tickets purchase.

יום שני, 27 במאי 2024

SGB 2024 recitals and a special graduates Gala. June 15th and 16th. Four shows presenting Israeli and international repertoire.

יום שני, 15 באפריל 2024

Passover course
The week before the Sedder is the week we dance in Passover Intensive. Technique classes, Body conditioning, workshops and repertoire - it is all there for students to enjoy.

יום שישי, 5 באפריל 2024

ABT Ballet Exams
ABT Ballet Examination is super important for students and teachers to sum the work and to estimate the level. Each year examiners are coming from New York to examine and teach a master class to all students presented in the exams. They get a Grade and a personal report spotting their strength and what needs more work.

יום שישי, 5 באפריל 2024

IDF excellent dancer
The IDF excellent dancer status was given to 28 dancers this year. 8 of our girls attended the audition, seven of them got the status. BRAVO!

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The Latest

SGB School  empowers aspiring young dancers to fulfill their potential. 
Lead by Shira Ganor and an amazing staff, the school's signature is the ability to strike a balance between strong technique and profound artistry.

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