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The School

Shira Ganor Ballet School

A place to get inspired and empowered

The Shira Ganor Ballet School educates and directs talented students for a professional career in dance.

We see teaching dance as a mission not only to train excellent dancers, but also on a holistic level.

It is a method that carries within it a discipline for life, teaches love and passion, dedication and perseverance, striving excellence, inner strength and generosity.

Under the artistic direction of Shira Ganor, students aged 5-18 receive technique classes  in both Ballet and modern, pointe classes, body conditioning, repertoire, workshops and stage experience.

The curriculum is structured so that they receive the best training in order to succeed and fulfill their dreams.

The schedule at the school is prepared to put loads on muscles and skeletal structure in accordance with the recommendations of the physical therapists of the American Ballet Theater and this is to maintain the health of the students in their physical development with the goal of obtaining a strong body that allows them to bear the increasing challenges with the progress of the studied material.

The school has a curriculum that begins with an emphasis on classical ballet and continues with modern dance studies. Students receive technique classes to perfect the instrument. Through these disciplines, the students learn different qualities, a well skilled body and rich movement while maintaining the strength and health of the body. 

The school follows the ABT curriculum. The curriculum was written with the advice of physiotherapists and psychologists with the aim of adapting the challenges to the stages of mental and physiological development of each dancer according to their age, thus creating an atmosphere of success and enjoyment.

The school encourages its students to join the leading dance majors in Israel.

The afternoon curriculum combines with the morning curriculum in the dance majors.

The school prepares its students for auditions at the age of 18. (university in the field of dance such as Juilliard and similar in Europe), courses for training dancers for students after high school, receiving the status of "outstanding dancer" in the IDF and professional dance troupes.

The school has a team, outstanding students who have done well and are mentally prepared to compete in competitions. These are carefully selected in order to preserve the technical level of the students. The students of the team receive individual guidance to perform classical variations or modern solos.

The school has a special program for the senior grade students, a program developed by Shira Ganor with the aim of directing them personally to their professional future . The program includes choosing a suitable and correct solo for each student, filming auditions to be sent abroad, guidance on how to succeed in auditions and how to pass an interview.

The school's teaching staff is an expert in its field. All the teachers were professional dancers in the past and have stage experience. In addition, they have undergone specific training for the profession.

The Faculty

Meet the staff who makes it all happen 

Shira Ganor
Artistic Director, Ballet and Modern Technique teacher. Rehearsal director for Audition Project and DreamTeam.
​Shira Ganor founded the ballet school a decade ago. Certified teacher by American Ballet Theater. A classical ballet teacher, Pointe, guides the school team in variations for competitions and solos, guides students to form their professional identity during the audition stages, teaches a modern technique inspired by Graham and writes the school curriculum.
Cristina Wiess
Children division Ballet Mistress . Vaganova training
Cristina teaches the younger classes Ballet technique and the advanced groups pointe class. Cristina, born in Romania, graduated from the Ballet Academy in Bucharest. Danced in the opera troupe in the city of Galantz. Upon immigrating to Israel in 1965, she joined the Israeli Opera troupe as a dancer and then the legendary Bat-Dor Dance Company. Cristina founded the dance major at the Elemntary Tel Aviv School of Arts and the track for classical ballet at Bikury Ha'Itim in the early days. Together with Dorina trained generations of dancers. Under her guidance, her student won first place in the Mia Arbatova Ballet competition in 1991. In addition to being a mythology teacher, Cristina is a choreographer, sculptor and plastic art creator who presents exhibitions in Israel and around the world.
Daniella Bloch
Head Ballet Teacher, Children's Division. ABT Affiliate teacher.
Daniella Bloch teaches classical ballet at the SGB Children's Division. Daniella Bloch is an Affiliate Teacher at the American Ballet Theater curriculum. Presents graduations Exams in classical dance major of the Givat Washington Ulpana, and teaches classical Ballet in the dance major of Ironi Alef high school in Tel Aviv. Daniella was born in New York, immigrated to Israel at the age of ten and joined the Bat Dor studio as a student, where she also received her professional training. At the end of her studies, she joined the Bat DorDance Company. During her career she danced in various projects in the United States, and in Israel with Sally Ann. Daniella founded a dance troupe called Nahara, in order to create a professional space for religious female dancers.
Joey Aitken
Ballet Master Pre-Proffessional division, DreamTeam rehearsal director.
Joey teaches Ballet Technique in the Pre-Professional Division, and trains the SGB DreamTeam. Born - Brisbane, Australia Began dancing at age four. Winner of the City of Sydney scholarship 2000. Winner of various competitions around Australia. 2001 Prix de Lausanne, awarded full scholarship to Hamburg ballett school. Joseph was awarded the prestigious, Hapag-Lloyd Prize scholarship. Entered the Hamburg Ballet Company, John Neumirer, in 2002. Joseph danced in highly renowned theaters and opera houses all over the world. in 2009 Joseph began dancing with the Grand Ballet de Genève as a principal dancer. He danced in works from Sidi Larbi Cherkaou, Jiří Kylián, Jean-Christophe Maillot, Benjamin Millepied and Andonis Foniadakis. In 2015 Joseph moved to Tel Aviv, Israel and began working with Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak. to the present day, Joseph is dancing with GEM Dance Company. He is a guest artist and freelancer and teacher.
Noga Kristovsky
Ballet teacher Children's division. Character teacher and co-rehearsal manager for the Dreamteam.
Noga Kristovsky teaches character from ages 8 and up, and classical ballet to the younger classes at the Ehvat Zion branch. Noga directs variations of the school's team for classical ballet competitions, is responsible for artistic education and lectures to students in the field of dance history. Noga Kristovsky (Lev Tov) was educated in the six-year dance course Reut (former Vicho), after being recognized as an outstanding dancer. Noga began her studies in the dancer training course of the Early Childhood Center in Tel Aviv. After graduating, Nega danced in various projects in the fields of cabaret, musicals and performance and also serves as a choreographer for entertainment shows in various fields. Noga is a certified teacher on behalf of American Ballet Theater and a certified teacher in the field of character (character) on behalf of ICDS: International Character Dance Syllabus. Nega taught in the dance major Reot in Haifa, a dance studio located in Kibbutz Gaaton and in the dance major of the Givat Washington studio, she is finishing her studies for a degree at the kibbutzim seminary.
Tali Peretz Laor
Head Modern Teacher. Improvisation and Composition. Rehearsal manager for the Audition Project.
Tali Peretz Laor leads the modern division at the SGB school. In her classes, Tali combines modern technique, improvisation and composition. Tali was born in Herzliya, where she began studying classical ballet. At the age of 12, she joined the Bat Dor studio. Upon graduation, she continued professional training at the Rambert School in London, where she deepened her knowledge of modern dance techniques; Graham, Cunningham, Limon, and varies improvisation techniques. Upon graduation, she danced in Europe and North Carolina in various companies, including the Hagen Ballet Company in Germany with choreographer Richard Warlak. When she returned to Israel in 1999, she joined Inbal Pinto Dance Company. In Israel, she also worked with Michal Michlal Gelfand, and still preforms with Renana Raz in the Make Remake project. Tali also teaches at Bat Sheva school and is a student for her masters degree in dance therapy
Michal Hirsch
Pre-professional division modern technique mistress.
Michal Hirsch teaches modern technique at the SGB Pre-Professional Division. Dancer, choreographer, teacher. Michal was born in Israel, and began her professional career in the Bat-Dor Dance Company in 1984. Lived in England as a child, and in 1991-2009 lived in Germany, where she taught at an academy in the city of Cologne and performed. Since her return to Israel she has been teaching contemporary dance, improvisation and leading rehearsals. Michal teaches at the Keren Sharett scholarship audition, and the outstanding dancer Auditions for the IDF. Conducts workshops for dancers and actors in Israel and Germany and is a regular teacher at the kibbutzim seminar for teachers.
Ilana Shtayer
Pre-professional division Horton inspired technique teacher.
Ilana Steyer-Omer teaches a modern technique using the Horton method at SGB pre-professional division. Ilana is a graduate of the Bat-Dor Studio school in Tel Aviv and a former dancer in the Bat-Dor dance company. In 1999 she moved to New York and danced in Earl Mosley Diversity of Dance troupe, where she danced for about 8 years and taught modern dance classes . Upon her return to Israel in 2007, she participated in the program Born to Dance Season 3. She currently teaches modern dance at the Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem, at the Shira Ganor Ballet School in Tel Aviv, at Thelma Yellin High School for the Arts, at the Harvest dance program in Rehovot and at the Brenner dance center. Also teaches in official auditions of the Ministry of Education such as Outstanding Dancer for the IDF, and Recital exams. Alana has a B.Ed diploma and a teaching certificate in dance and movement from the Kibbutz Seminary College. She also participated in teacher training at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater dance school, under Lester Horton dance technique.
Ori Kroll
Improvisation and Repertoire in the pre-proffessional division.
Ori Kroll teaches improvisation and modern repertoire. Sri also prepares the team in modern variations for competitions, auditions, etc. Ori is a dancer and teacher of contemporary dance and repertoire, a teacher of Gaga technique, GaGa people and GaGA children. Educated at the Zfat Dance Center, graduated from Thelma Yellin High School.In the years 2012-2015 she danced in the Batsheva ensemble. In the years 2019-2020 she danced for Noa Tsuk and Ohad Pishoff in the piece Raconto-Kun and since then she has been working with the couple and teaching their pieces throughout the country. Starting in 2019, together with Yarav Mozes, Figka is organizing the workshop project - an enrichment program that brings young dancers together with leading Israeli creators.


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