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Yaniv Eliaspour

Dear Shira, thank you very much for another year of growth, almost endless investment, paying attention to the smallest details, creativity, leadership and love for the students of the group in general and Tomer in particular.

Today was a pleasure :)))

I appreciate how complex it is and glad you are there for Tomer in her journey.

Have a nice vacation, Yaniv

Yaniv, Tomer's father

Level 4, July 2023

Yael Almog

Hey Shira

I wanted to thank you for leading the studio this past year. Beyond the uncompromising professionalism, the achievements you and the students achieve, and the pleasure and love you instill in the girls for dance and creation, the studio is a home. This year was so challenging in all respects for the students. A chaotic reality was imposed on them with very little certainty and a lot of loneliness, lockdowns and incessant changes. In a year like this, you managed to create a supportive home for them, a warm environment. The studio was a source of order, warmth and friendship. You gave them much more than  dance education. And for that, as a mother, I want to hug you and thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart,


Yael, Ayala's mother

Level 4, August 2021

Hadas Mayer

Shira, wow!! It was a perfect performance. 

Invested , Impressive, detailed and accurate.

You gave each and every one of the children an honorable and empowering place on the stage. 

The show reflects everything you and the team give the children: perseverance, discipline, awareness, responsibility, self-confidence, patience, respect, creativity and joy. It was lovely, applause and thank you🙏

Hades, Shir's mother

Level 3, July 2023


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Our Story

The Shira Ganor Ballet School is a home for students interested in a professional career in dance. At the school, we see importance in educating the students from a young age through the classical ballet tradition and through the teaching of technique while paying attention to the students health both physically and emotionally.
Our role as teachers is to ignite the students curiosity and creativity while at the same time perfecting their physical ability, coordination, musicality and artistic interpretation.
The students of the school study the curriculum of ABT - American Ballet Theater.
ABT curriculum written with the advice of physical therapists and psychologists with the aim of adapting the curriculum to the mental and physiological development of each dancer according to their age, thus creating an atmosphere of success and enjoyment.
The teachers of the school are masters in their field, professional dancers in practice or retired, and they all have stage experience and a passion to pass on the knowledge to the students.

Children's Division

 Ages 5-14 

Ahavat Zion and Arolozorov Studios


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Pre-Professional Division

Ages 14-18 

Thelma Yellin School

SGB DreamTeam

Ages 10-18


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All Videos

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Talma Yalin School - Borochov 5, Giv'atayim

Arlozorov 80, Tel Aviv - Children's Division School

Ahavat Zion School - Kohnstamm 16, Tel Aviv-Yafo

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