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SGB Pre-Professional Division

The Pre-Professional Division works according to the ABT- American Ballet Theater  Curriculum.

The team of teachers is dedicated to the success of each student in fulfilling and choosing their professional path in dance.

The curriculum is intended for students from professional dance majors in their high school education,  and those interested to pursuit  a career in the dance.

in the Classical program we offer classes in  Ballet technique classes , pointe,  boys classes, Pas de duex and Character.

In the Modern program we offer - Modern technique classes inspired by Graham, Horton and the Release techniques. Improvisation and Cheography courses integrating Modern Repertoire and GaGa.

At the school, outstanding students are selected for the Dreamteam, where they receive individual guidance classes  for variations in classical ballet and solos in modern repertoire.

In addition to the professional training that the young dancers receive, we emphasize education for proper conduct. The teaching staff maintains a balance between challenges and successes, and guides the students to deal with frustrations that appear along the way and develop a sense of competence.

Students are placed in the pre-professional program only by audition .

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