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Workshops during the holidays

During Sukkot and Hanukkah, the school offers dance workshops in the junior high school and the high school. 

  The contents of the workshops vary and are adjusted according to the age and level of the students.

The school also invites students who do not attend school during the year to join our workshops.

Sukkot workshop 

Sukkot workshop - the young school

In the two days of the bridge between Yom Kippur and Sukkot, we will have two days of dance experience for students aged  8-10, and ages 10-13 (divided into groups according to age and level).

Classical, modern and theater ballet lessons.

Three lessons a day during the morning and afternoon hours. 

Sukkot Workshop - High School

Three days of workshops at the bridge between Yom Kippur and Sukkot, we will hold workshops adjusted according to age and level. 

Classical ballet lessons, pointe, modern   and modern repertoire.

Three lessons a day during the morning and afternoon hours. 

Passover course

The Pesach course is an opportunity to meet new teachers, new dance styles and test our progress in challenging lessons. 

A week of hellish experience.

Passover course of the junior high school - ages 8-10

The Passover course for elementary ages offers three days of a fun musical experience. Meeting with new teachers in the field of classical ballet, adapted modern classes and theater and jazz classes. 

Three lessons a day. 

Passover course of the junior high school - ages 11-13

The Passover course for 6th and 10th grades offers a five-day course full of pure pleasure. 

Classical ballet, pointe, modern, theater and repertoire lessons. 

Three - four lessons a day. During the daylight hours and in the afternoon. 

*Admission by audition.

High school Passover course

divided into groups according to age and level. 

Three-four lessons a day for five days.

Classical, modern ballet, pointe, classical and modern repertoire.

Presentation at the end of the courses. 

*Admission by audition.

Summer courses 2024

During the summer months it is very important to keep dancing. The students reach a peak in their work and application of what is learned in the final performances, and it is time to examine the progress and push even further in the summer courses. 

The school holds courses for the different Hill levels with content adapted to each age and level.

Junior school summer courses

The average summer courses at the junior school are divided into three:

1. Summer program for young dancers - During the last two weeks of August, dance classes are held in the studio at Allozorov 80 in the afternoons, which include story time and preparation for creative dance classes. An enriching, musical experience and is a preparation for those interested in enrolling in studies during the year.

2. Young summer course - A two-week course (10 days) for children aged 9-12 that includes technique lessons, workshops and more. An enriching, promoting and enjoyable experience. Takes place in the studio at Elozorov 80 in the morning. 

3. Graduate summer course - intended for high school students. Age 13-15. Classical and modern ballet technique lessons, pointe lessons, classical and modern repertoire and theater. A two-week course (12 days) of pure pleasure. 

4. Professional summer course - The professional summer courses are divided into two groups according to age and level. Intended for students with a previous background in classical ballet (at least 4 years). Acceptance only by audition. 

The course includes technique lessons, floor lessons, Gaga and repertoire. 

A three-week course that takes place at the "Thelma Yelin" school. 

Details and dates on the website calendar. 

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