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SGB Children's Division

The SGB Children's Division offers classes at the Alozorov 80, Tel Aviv studio,  and at Ahavat Zion school studio.

The curriculum's plan offers children ages 5-14 (Gan Nova to 8th grade) Ballet technique classes, Character and Modern' age appropriate , from primary level  to Level 4.

The teaching staff follows the curriculum of ABT - American Ballet Theater. The unique program combines scientific principles related to student development with the technical requirements of classical ballet according to the French, Italian and Russian schools. 

The program at its beginning develops discipline and creativity and allows children to reach their peak potential. In its more advanced stages, it is designed to strengthen technique, stamina and familiarity with the discipline and culture of the dance world. 

The young school focuses on building strong foundations in ballet technique and emphasizes correct posture and responsible and safe progress while paying attention to the mental and physiological development of the students.

Acceptance to Level 3 and up by audition only.


Pre-Primary & Primary


 Level 1 -3

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