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 Level 3

SGB Curriculum​

Classical ballet technique

Ages 10-13

The 2023-2024 class schedule

Sundays 18:30-20:00

Wednesdays 15:45-17:30

Thursdays 17:30-19:00

*Point Thursdays 19:05-19:50

The curriculum follows the American Ballet Theater syllabus recommendations

The team of teachers emphasizes the quality of the young dancers' learning, technique, strength, flexibility, building strong foundations of correct posture, careful handwork, use of space and attention to artistic presentation. Level 3 students are submitted for ABT exams.

Admission without audition

Shira, how much I enjoyed the two open days, looking forward to the third. Such great work and investment was put in, from all the teachers and pianists as well. I am full of appreciation for that, and the group has advanced greatly💐💐💐💐💐

Cristina, Daniella and you as the head,  are simply admirable for all that you bring:  the corrections, the highlights, the depth. Thank you very much for everything, I really liked Daniella's concluding words about the studio, they reflect everything ❤️

Dalit, Ella's mother


צילום: נעמי שוסטברגר


Ages 10-13

The 2023-2024 class schedule

Sundays 17:15-18:15

Character classes combine a technique based on the classical ballet technique, but is inspired by folk dances that have been adapted for the stage. In all classical ballets there are character dances such as Russian dance, Gypsy dance, etc.

 Study program follows Vasiliev's program.

Character lessons start from the age of ten in the junior high school 


צילום: אפרת מזור

Modern and improvisation

Ages 10-13

The 2023-2024 class schedule

Wednesdays 17:30-19:00 

Modern classes begin at Level 3. The class introduces the Modern Technique for the first time, using gravity, floor work and use of space in movement. Emphasis on strength and flexibility, movement qualities and use of space. In the part of the class, in addition to technical work, the students meet creative challenges and improvisation exercises adapted to their age.


Modern Technique

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