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Achievements and Publicity

The school is proud of its fine achievements; Students who get accepted into leading dance majors, winning prizes in competitions, receiving "outstanding dancer" status for IDF, top scores in ABT's classical exams, admission to summer courses abroad, admission to leading ballet schools in the world for outstanding students and more.

We are so proud of our 18-year-old student, Shira Kestenboim, who was accepted into the Batsheva Ensemble as an apprentice in the spring of 2023. This year, Shira is the only student in  Israel who was accepted into the Batsheva Ensemble at such a young age. Shira started her studies at SGB school when she was 10 years old and graduated in the summer of 2023. We wish her great success.

Dance Companies

Shira Ganor's school has set itself the goal of advancing its students. Students who aspire to a professional career in classical ballet are advised to find a suitable study framework abroad, in the absence of a suitable framework in Israel.

Zohar Kohn at the age of 15.5, was accepted to the JKO school in New York, which is the school of the American Ballet Theater, one of the leading companies in the world. Zohar was accepted to the school for the Upper 2 group, and after a month of studying in Israel in December at SGB School , she was transferred to the Upper 3 class. Zohar spent the summer with us in Israel, taking classes, participating in summer courses and in even performing in our recitals. On September 2023, she will start her second year in New York.

More about  Zohar's exciting story in an article on Channel 13:   Here

Yarden Arieli, 13 years old, was accepted to the Princess Grace school in Monaco.

The school is highly prestigious and very selective.

Yarden will start his studies on September 2023 at the school in Monaco, in a class of only  four boys.

It was Yarden's dream from the age of 9 when he started his studies at Shira Ganor's school.

More about the story of a talented boy's dream in an exciting episode of 'Babysitters': Here

Studies Abroad

Our five  graduates, who graduated in the summer of 2023, were awarded the IDF "Outstanding Dancer" status. This year, out of 150 students who demanded this status, only 28 dancers in Israel received the first standard. Our five girls who finished the 12th grade won it. Narya Zahavi, who began her studies at the school at the age of 4, Daniella Ben Haim who began her studies at the age of 5, Shira Kestenboim who began her studies at the SGB school at the age of 9, Yassur Shienin who joined the school at the age of 13 and Eden Meron who joined at the age of 16.

Shira was accepted into the Batsheva Ensemble as an apprentice, Nerya who was accepted For a unique project in Budapest, Yassur and Daniella who chose to go to the 'Maslool' in Tel Aviv, and Eden who goes to the 'workshop in Ga'aton'. We wish  the best of luck in the future to all.

Excellent Dancer Status

In 2022, won a scholarship from the Sharet Foundation: Noga Feld- full scholarship,

Zohar Kohn - full scholarship, and Yael Peretz - full scholarship.

In 2021, the following students won the Sharet Fund scholarship: Noga Feld - full scholarship, Zohar Kohn - full scholarship, Yael Peretz - partial scholarship, Nina Bergman - partial scholarship, Yassur Sheinin - partial scholarship.

*The results of Keren Sharet scholarships for 2023 have not yet been received.

Keren Sharet Scolarship

A prestigious competition, from the "Jannet Ordman" Foundation - founder of the Bat Dor dance company and the Bat Dor school. 

In 2022 Noga Feld won first place. (winner of 1st prize gets a scholarship for professional courses).

Zohar Kohn won 3rd place.

The competition takes place once every two years.

The Jannet Ordman Competit

In 2021, the YGP competition was held in Israel for the first time.

SGB's DreamTeam entered the competition with solos and group routines.

Zohar Kohn won 2nd place in the Classical Ballet - Senior category

Noga Feld won3rd place in the Classical Ballet - Senior category

MayaJackoby won 2nd place in the Classical Ballet - Junior category (as the youngest dancer).

The upper 2 group won 2nd place and a commendation with "Lola" choreographed by Tali Peretz-Laor.

Narya Zahavi and Noga Feld - won Top 12 and a commendation for the duet "Three out of Six" choreographed by Shira Ganor.

Yarden Arieli won  Top 12 and a commendation in Classical Ballet - Junior category.

Yael Peretz won Top 12 in Classical Ballet - Junior category.

All the dancers who competed were invited to perform in the finals in Europe.

 YAGP Competition

Every two years, SGB school sends top dancers to summer courses abroad.

The school makes sure to coordinate the dates of the summer course in Israel for the convenience of the dancers who travel abroad and then join the course in Israel.

American Ballet Theater's prestigious summer course in New York

In the summer of 2022, Zohar Kohn, Maya Jackoby,  Ayala Bar-Shavit and Yarden Arieli were accepted for the five-week course.

At the end of the course, the students were invited to audition for school admission. Zohar Kohn and Yarden Arieli were accepted to the school in New York.

Alvin Ailey's summer course in New York

Noga Feld, Yassur Sheinin, Shira Kesenboim, Mor Ben Bassat, Daniella Ben Haim, Noga Remler, Mika Avraham, Neta Garnot and Yael Peretz. Went for a three week course focusing on the Horton and Graham techniques. The girls were mostly praised for their high level.

The prestigious summer course of the Netherlands Dance Theatre

Noga Feld was accepted at the age of 16 to the prestigious NDT course. A two-week course in the Netherlands, only 60 dancers from around the world aged 16-24 are accepted to this high level course. Noga was the youngest student dancing in the course.

Summer Courses Abroad

In 2016  we held auditions for the Billy Eliot musical. SGB 10 girls got accepted and performed in more than hundred shows.  SGB students ages 9 to 12 years old, were stars on that big stage.

 It was a unique experience, both for the school and for the young dancers.

It was the first time that young  dancers were paid for dancing on stage, that is the meaning of being professional. 

These are the dancers accepted for the project and performed in it: Zohar Kotz, Nina Bergman, Alma Brown, Maya Perlman, Noga Feld, Narya Zahavi, Zohar Kohn, Shira Asharov, Naama Morad, Daniella Ben Haim.

Articles about the musical and photos: Here


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