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 SGB DreamTeam

Each year, the school staff decides which of the students in the specific year deserve an opportunity to work individually on a variation, duet, trio or quartet with the school teachers who guide the team. There are opportunities to work on classical variations, from the classical repertoire, or work on a solo or duet from the modern repertoire. The team appears in school shows and also in prestigious competitions.


Noga Feld

16 years old

Presents a variation of Kitri from the ballet Don Quixote.

First place winner in the competition for Janet Ordman in the course scholarship

Keren Sharett scholarship winner for the years 2020, 2021 and 2022

Zohar Cohn

15 Years old

Presents a variation from the ballet Paquita.

Second place winner in the YAGP Israel competition.

Winner of the Keren Sharett scholarship for the years 2021 and 2022.

She was accepted to the JKO ABT New York school.

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Maya Jackoby

14 years old

Presents a variation of Cupid from the ballet Don Quixote

Second place winner in the 2022 YAGP competition.

Yarden Arieli

13 Years Old

Presents a variation from Swan Lake Honored in the 2022 YAGP Competition.

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Yael Peretz

14 years old

Presents a variation of Gamzetti from the ballet La Crosière

Top 12 winner in the 2022 YAGP competition.

Anna Sarugo

15 Years Old

Presents a modern dance variation choreographed by Ori Kroll.

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